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Latest Addition to the Collection

  • March 17, 2019

A new utility has been added to the Asset Store. It is called Snap To Grid which makes placing objects much easier and more accurate. You can purchase the program individually or as part of the Mesh Maker which takes the number up to 16 tools in the collection.

Snap To Grid makes positioning objects in the Unity editor much easier and saves time while getting precision placement of your models.

You can snap when moving, rotating and scaling objects and includes a handy feature to snap to the terrain height.

Supports 2D and 3D scenes and to make things even faster you can use the quick transform buttons to move, rotate and scale with a single click.

Works with both Metric and Imperial units, including degrees and radians. Select the units from a convenient drop down list of preset values or enter custom values directly into a text field.

Introduction Video

– Move, Rotate & Scale
– Snap Multiple Objects At Once
– 2D & 3D Support
– Snap To Terrain Height
– Easy Toggle On/Off
– Metric & Imperial Measurements
– Radian & Degree Selection
– Quick Transform Buttons
– Lock/Unlock Grid Position
– Grids For All 3 Major Planes
– Includes 3D Grid
– Info Labels In Scene
– Dimensions Selector
– New Text To Dimension
– Adjustable Grid Size
– Save/Load Current Settings
– Custom Colors
– Tooltips
– Help & FAQ Page

New addition to the Collection!

  • September 21, 2017

The latest addition to the collection, called LOD, is now available. This program allows you to decimate, combine and create a LOD group, all in one easy action. It works with static meshes, skinned meshes and combinations of the two. I hope you find the program very useful in optimizing your scenes.

Big update to all of the programs

  • March 11, 2017

Hi Everyone,

All of the programs in the Mesh Maker collection have now had a face lift to give them a more professional look.

I’m very happy with the new modern look of the programs and can now continue working on the next addition to the collection. Thank you all for your support while I work toward improving and growing the collection of programs.

New Level Editor utility for Unity

  • December 20, 2016

Hi All,

The latest addition to the Mesh Maker collection is now available. The new utility is called Level Editor and it allows you to create new buildings, models and quickly prototype your levels right in the Unity editor.

The program uses an intuitive point and click design style that is very fast and flexible. With a little practice you’ll find this program great for not only prototyping but also for creating very detailed meshes and prefabs for your projects.

You can get the new program on the Unity Asset Store as part of the Mesh Maker collection here at https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/11625

The standalone version of Level Editor is still under review by the Asset Store team so we hope that will be accepted within the next week.

This is a quick preview video which highlights some of the features included with the new program as well as the first videos in the tutorials.

These videos will be followed by more advanced tutorials so please subscribe to be notified when the new videos are released.

You can also have a read of the tutorial that comes with the program online at

The Level Editor program is still in Beta v0.7 and we are working hard to iron out any bugs as they appear. If you find a problem or have a suggestion for how to improve the program then we would love to hear from you.

You can write to us at support@meshmaker.com and we will also add your suggestions to the FAQ page here at http://meshmaker.com/level-editor-faq/

Thanks for your support while we worked on this new utility and we hope you find it to be the fastest and easiest (and fun) way to create level geometry in Unity.

You can find screenshots and more info over on the Level Editor page

Level Editor

Mesh Editor v1.4 Update

  • May 10, 2016

The latest update of Mesh Editor is now ready. With this release there is improved support for Unity 5.x and for the Mac. While I tried to continue support for Unity 4.x for as long as possible, it has now become unmanageable due to the major differences between the two versions.

All of the programs that use a hotkey now check for both the Ctrl and Command key by default as well as the custom hotkey.

New features for Mesh Editor v1.4:
Added: Edge Splitting
Added: Triangle/Hole Filling
Added: Individual UV Editing
Added: Procedural Geometry – Basic 2D/3D Shapes
Added: Modify Normals
Added: Weld Selected Vertices/Edges/Triangles
Added: Un-Weld Selected Vertices/Edges/Triangles
Added: Join Vertices
Added: Join Edges
Added: Check For Unused Vertices and Zero Area Triangles
Added: Dedicated OBJ Export Function
Added: Rotate/Translate pivot point handles
Added: UV and Normal colors to saved settings
Added: Custom Skins
Updated: Snap To Grid (Removed check boxes and changed to current axis handle only)
Updated: Changed the extrude key combination from Shift to Ctrl+Shift
Fixed: Update selection when switching between unique and coincident vertices/edges
Fixed: Edge selection/deselection when Coincident is off




You can find more screenshots and info over on the Mesh Editor page

Mesh Editor

Construction For Unity

  • December 9, 2015

Hi All,

The latest addition to the collection has now been submitted. It should be available for download with Mesh Maker within a couple of days and the standalone version should be available sometime next week.

The Mesh Maker Collection

The new program is called Construction and it has been designed with ease of use in mind. Using a grid layout makes placing the walls, floors, tiles, roofs, stairs and other features of the building a simple task. By combining these features you can quickly create new custom houses, apartments, factories and other structures for your projects.

Construction For Unity

To see what the program can do you can check out the following videos…

Construction Speed Build

Construction Speed Build

Construction Tutorial Video

Construction Tutorial Video

The PDF tutorial is also available for download

Construction PDF Tutorial

Construction For Unity

Construction For Unity

Construction For Unity

Construction For Unity

Construction For Unity

Thanks for checking out the new program and I look forward to seeing the new constructions.

To learn more about all of the features of the program and
read the tutorial you can visit the main page for

Latest Update

  • October 7, 2015

Hi All,

The latest update is now available. Many of the changes requested during the sale have been addressed and some new features added. The main difference is the addition of a splash screen with quick links to the websites, forums and tutorials (now in PDF format instead of Word.)

You will also find some settings for changing the behavior of the main menu, like changing the color of the flashing or disabling it.

The news is displayed from the website at MeshMaker.com. So if there is some news or important information about a program that wasn’t covered at the time of release I can now update you in real time.

The programs have been released for versions 4.6.2, 5.0 and 5.2.1 of Unity.

Unity is no longer supporting inline shader code, which resulted in pink lines in the latest versions, so all of the programs have been updated to use a separate shader.

The following is a list of most of the changes that come with the update.

Mesh Maker:

New splash screen
Real time news updates
Resources folder renamed to Files
New settings for Main Menu
Fixed namespace clashes
Main folder is now moveable within the project folder

Mesh Editor:
New option to show normals
New option to recalculate normals
New option to recalculate tangents
Update UVs now works with normal editing
Locked object stays locked after delete, etc
Fix to Snap To Grid
Fix to shader warning
Fix to handle position after extrude
Fix to double sided normals
Added tool to generate secondary UV set
Added tool to recalculate normals

3D Brush:
Added option to generate random names

Prefab Maker:
Added clear warning if selected folder is not empty
Suppressed log warnings if materials and submeshes don’t match

I will continue to add the new features for Mesh Editor, such as edge splitting and filling holes, but I wanted to get this update out asap.

New Prefab Maker

  • August 3, 2015

Hi All,

A new addition to the Mesh Maker collection has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store for review.

Prefab Maker quickly combines objects and prefabs, atlases the textures and creates a prefab for you, all with just a few clicks.


The texture atlasing is handled automatically but you have the option to manually move, rotate and scale the textures for the best fit. Creates small swatches with a solid color for objects with no textures so that they can be grouped by the same shader. You have full control over the atlas settings to output either highly compressed or hi-res textures. The program also comes with tools to position and center the pivot point for the new prefab.

The following video demonstrates the features in more detail…

Introduction to Prefab Maker

Introduction to Prefab Maker

Prefab Maker Screenshot 1_1

Prefab Maker Screenshot 2_1

Prefab Maker Screenshot 4_1

To learn more about all of the features of the program and
read the tutorial you can visit the main page for
Prefab Maker

Full Mesh Editor Rebuild

  • June 15, 2015

Hi All,

The newest version of Mesh Editor has just been submitted which brings a lot of new features to the program. It has essentially been rebuilt from the ground up to improve the speed and reliability as well as to add more support for Mac users. The screenshots and video below will give you an idea of how much the program has changed since the last version. The review process will take two to three days so we are hoping that it’ll be available by the middle of next week.

Mesh Editor v1.0 Introduction

You can find more screenshots and info over on the Mesh Editor page

Mesh Editor

Mesh Maker v1.9.4 – Introducing Mesh Cutter

  • May 19, 2015

Mesh Maker v1.9.4 has now been submitted to the Asset Store which includes a new addition to the collection called Mesh Cutter.

To give you a preview of the new package I will post some screenshots and link to the introduction video here.


Mesh Cutter Introduction

To learn more about all of the features of the program and
read the tutorial you can visit the main page for
Mesh Cutter