Mesh Editor

Mesh Editor has had a complete rebuild from the ground up. Many new features have been added along with improvements to speed up the program. Ideal for fixing, modifying and creating new meshes right within Unity. Mesh Editor makes manipulating the vertices, edges and triangles of meshes as easy as possible.

New features for Mesh Editor v1.4:
Added: Edge Splitting
Added: Triangle/Hole Filling
Added: Individual UV Editing
Added: Procedural Geometry – Basic 2D/3D Shapes
Added: Modify Normals
Added: Weld Selected Vertices/Edges/Triangles
Added: Un-Weld Selected Vertices/Edges/Triangles
Added: Join Vertices
Added: Join Edges
Added: Check For Unused Vertices and Zero Area Triangles
Added: Dedicated OBJ Export Function
Added: Rotate/Translate pivot point handles
Added: UV and Normal colors to saved settings
Added: Custom Skins – Check for more information on this
Fixed: Snap To Grid (Removed check boxes and changed to current axis handle only)
Fixed: Update selection when switching between unique and coincident vertices/edges
Fixed: Edge selection/deselection when Coincident is off
Fixed: Changed the extrude key combination from Shift to Ctrl+Shift to avoid creating unwanted edges and triangles when deselecting

Also includes 60 new primitive shapes that were all made with Geom.


Mesh Editor v1.0 Introduction Video

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Mesh Editor v1.0