Mesh Tools

A collection of eleven handy and essential mesh editing tools in one package! These tools all work on meshes with multiple materials and submeshes.


Clone Meshes – Change the position, rotation and scale of objects before copying and pasting them. You can also choose the number of repetitions of the clone operation.

Move & Rotate Pivot Point – A must have tool that allows you to move and rotate the pivot point of a game object. Necessary for making complex models with hinges, etc.

Uniform Scaling – This utility is a time saver that allows you to scale an object in more than one dimension at a time.

Snap To Grid – When setting out your objects in the scene this tool can snap to any position, rotation and scale while allowing you to select which axis they apply to.

Invert Meshes – Create an inverted copy of a mesh for easy room building or creative design ideas.

Flip Meshes – This tool creates reflected copies of a model. It can flip a mesh in the X, Y or Z dimensions or combinations of two or more at a time.

Split Mesh – Split a mesh into submeshes to apply multiple textures or split the mesh into separate child objects.

Transform Textures – Translate, rotate and scale the textures of an object directly on the mesh.

Real Scale – Change the local scale of an object without changing its scale in Unity.

Double Sided Meshes – Change single sided meshes to double sided. Reveal the inside of houses, cars, anything.

Save Mesh – Create a mesh file from the currently selected object.

This package also includes 60 new primitive shapes that were made with Geom.


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