Latest Addition to the Collection

  • March 17, 2019

A new utility has been added to the Asset Store. It is called Snap To Grid which makes placing objects much easier and more accurate. You can purchase the program individually or as part of the Mesh Maker which takes the number up to 16 tools in the collection.

Snap To Grid makes positioning objects in the Unity editor much easier and saves time while getting precision placement of your models.

You can snap when moving, rotating and scaling objects and includes a handy feature to snap to the terrain height.

Supports 2D and 3D scenes and to make things even faster you can use the quick transform buttons to move, rotate and scale with a single click.

Works with both Metric and Imperial units, including degrees and radians. Select the units from a convenient drop down list of preset values or enter custom values directly into a text field.

Introduction Video

– Move, Rotate & Scale
– Snap Multiple Objects At Once
– 2D & 3D Support
– Snap To Terrain Height
– Easy Toggle On/Off
– Metric & Imperial Measurements
– Radian & Degree Selection
– Quick Transform Buttons
– Lock/Unlock Grid Position
– Grids For All 3 Major Planes
– Includes 3D Grid
– Info Labels In Scene
– Dimensions Selector
– New Text To Dimension
– Adjustable Grid Size
– Save/Load Current Settings
– Custom Colors
– Tooltips
– Help & FAQ Page