Construction FAQ

As problems and new tips for working with Construction are discovered we will add them to this list of frequently asked questions.

  1. The main feature which is not yet implemented is an undo/redo system. The program is very easy to use so deleting and building is so fast that I don’t think this is a major drawback. But it will be added in the next update. Again, I know the undo/redo feature is a standard for all editors but I also hope that the editor is quick enough to rectify a mistake. It is also hoped that using the program is actually a part of the fun as it is in the Sims games.
  2. The program also allows you to make almost unlimited levels up and down to make a highrise building with a basement as well.
  3. There is no support for angled walls, rounded walls or stair rails yet.
  4. You can also test the design while you are creating it by clicking on the play button to walk around the design, once you exit play mode you can continue to design the house.
  5. The program also has a feature to quickly add and position prefabs as furniture and fences, if you add these then they will be added to the final prefab when you click on the Build button. Everything will be under a single prefab which you can reuse throughout the scene. The interiors are sparse at the moment so there is only half walls and arched walls, so most of the interior is made up with furniture for shelves, etc.
  6. In the current build the automatic cutting supports features that take up one grid space. In the tutorial I mention that double and triple width walls will be added in the future development section. If possible I will add the ability to automatically cut many walls if the feature is oversized to support garage doors etc.
  7. Another change that will be added is the ability to change the floor type, from foundation to standard, once a level has been added. At the moment you need to select the type of wall you want before clicking on the Add Upper/Lower Level buttons. So if you want a foundation level then please select that type of wall before adding the new level and the same for a standard level height.
  8. The automatic cutting of a wall may have a problem with complex prefabs that contain many meshes all grouped under an empty game object. The solution to this is to add a mesh filter to the parent object and set its mesh to the largest of the sub meshes. It can then be used as normal as a feature in the wall.