3D Brush

3D Brush allows you to quickly paint prefabs to your scene with all of the features you would expect and many more. Easy to use and intuitive controls. You can also create custom shapes which can then be used as stencils for painting or exclusion.

Includes a new distance feature which prevents overdraw of prefabs for better performance and more natural looking scenes. As well as a steepness feature for painting around cliffs and steep terrains.


– Paint To Layer
– Paint To Selection
– Fill Mode
– Brush Size
– Prefab Groups
– Brush Rate
– Erase Brush
– Prefab Percentage
– Min & Max Scale
– Make Static
– Full Undo/Redo
– Lock Orientation
– Align To Stroke
– Prefab Layers
– Position Offsets
– Rotation Offsets
– Lock Rotation
– Lock Scale
– Spread Distance
– Save/Load Brushes
– Precise Placement
– Shape Fill
– Shape Exclude
– Save/Load Shapes
– Multiple Shapes
– Taper To Edge
– Smooth Curves
– Angular Shapes
– Prefab Overrides
– Prefab Multipliers
– Set Steepness
– Custom Colors
– Batch Combine


3D Brush Introduction

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3D Brush